Where To See Deer Near Me

Ah, the UK. Full of wildlife and you’ll more than likely find it right on your doorstep too (or at least a short drive away!). But you’ve asked the question ‘where to see dear near me’ so let’s get straight to it.

Where To See Deer Near Me

See Deer Out In The Wild

One of the best ways to see deer is getting out in the open and experiencing them at they’re best – in the wild.

There’s nothing better than seeing nature up close and personal where it should be.

For instance, local to us is Cannock Chase. And guess what? It’s full of deer!

Yes, if you can make it to this area of outstanding natural beauty you’ll definitely see them in there natural habitat.

Let’s look at some other places to see deer in the wild.

Forestry England Woodlands And Forests

Forestry England is an organisation in England that looks after trees and land.

They have over 1,800 miles worth of trails that wind through forests throughout the country.

Chances are, if you were to walk super quietly through any reasonably sized wood or forest for around an hour straight after the sun comes up you’ll likely see deer.

The majority of Forestry England’s woodlands hold populations of wild deer and they are open to the public making them perfect for a spot of deer watching.

You may find that deer can be difficult to get close too.

This is mostly because they’re wild but also because there is likely to be other people around whilst you’re looking for them.

But sometimes, deer have become accustomed to people staring at them so won’t be as shy as you may expect.

Cannock Chase AONB

If you happen to be local to Cannock Chase, you won’t find a better place to catch a glimpse of deer in the wild!

Cannock Chase happens to be a small AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – one of the smallest in the UK) but it’s still well worth a visit.

We find that walking through the heavily wooded areas and trails gives you the best chances of spotting deer.

Where To See Deer In The UK

Deer Parks

You’ll have the best chance of seeing deer if you head to a deer park – who’d have thought?

These large areas are an enclosed piece of land build specifically to house deer and other game.

Because they’re enclosed, you know the deer will be there somewhere – you’ve just gotta wait them out!

Here’s a few deer parks to take note of:

Calke Abbey

Home to a heard of red and fallow deer, Calke Abbey is a must visit for deer lovers.

Charlecote Park

You’ll be able to see a herd of fallow deer at Charlecote Park.

British Wildlife Centre

Head to the British Wildlife Centre in East Surrey to see deer and more!

What Is The Best Time To See Deer?

As well as being in the right place, you’ll want to be looking at the right time too. So what is the best time I hear you asking?

First thing of a morning or late in the evening are the best times to see Deer. This is when they are grazing and looking for more food.

Obviously you can still spot them outside of these times but your chances are higher if you take our advice.

What Kind Of Deer Can You See In The UK?

In the UK, we’re lucky enough to have 6 species of deer that you can spot in the wild.

We have red deer, sika deer, roe deer, muntjac deer, fallow deer and the chinese water deer.

However, only roe and red deer are indigenous to the UK.

Get Out There And See Some Deer!

Hopefully we’ve given you some tips and advice on where to see deer in the UK and how best to find them.

All that’s left for you to do now is get out and see them. And maybe come back soon and read more of our posts too!