Easy Hill Walks Near Glasgow

So you’re in Scotland, Glasgow to be precise. The ache to be outdoors is getting too much, but you don’t want to overdo it. Here’s our recommendations for easy hill walks near Glasgow.

Take Note

We say these walks are fairly easy. Bare in mind that we make this statement based on the ability of a person in good health and fitness.

We also state that these walks are near Glasgow. This doesn’t mean you can walk from your home to them all, but we don’t expect you to drive for hours either. They are within a reasonable distance and you should expect them to fill around half of your day.

We tell you how far the start of the walks are from Glasgow in the car. Alternative travel may be mentioned where possible.

Dumgoyne Hill Walk (427 metres high)

Dumgoyne Hill. Image Credit: Martin McCarthy

This hill walk starts around 30 mins away from Glasgow in the car.

Limited parking can be found just north of Glengoyne Distillery (distillery parking is for visitors only).

This one is a favourite with the residents of Glasgow, it’s a popular local landmark.

Extensive views await you at the peak once you’ve completed the short (yet steep) walk.

The terrain is made up of track, steep sections and sometimes a little boggy moorland.

If you want to leave the car at home, the number 10 bus from Glasgow will stop (on request) at Glengoyne Distillery on the A875. This happens to be where the walk starts.

Kilpatrick Hills (140 metres high)

This one is just under 3 miles long and the start can be found 30 minutes North West of Glasgow.

There are many car parking spots. The closest when heading here from Glasgow would be Auchnacraig Car Park where you’ll find a path leading straight to the hills.

Here you’ll find a rock formation nicknamed the Whangie which looks like it’s been cut straight down the middle.

You’ll also get to experience the amazing views over the River Clyde and if you venture to the top, you’ll see over the Trossachs and Loch Lomond too!

Be on the look out for otters, ospreys and red deer – wildlife lovers will particularly like this hill walk.

As well as an excellent walk, you’ll be able to ride a bike here too.

If you don’t want to drive, you can take a train from Glasgow to get to the hills. We recommend heading to Alexandria Train Station for easy access to this walk.

Conic Hill (360 metres high)

Conic Hill. Image Credit: Ad Meskens

Conic Hill in Balmaha starts around 50 minutes away from Glasgow and is a 3 mile hill walk.

If you’re driving there, head to Conic Hill Car Park.

It’s a sharp yet small summit rising above the village of Balmaha. It’s also located on the Highland Boundary Fault Line!

You’ll get to see the amazing views over Loch Lomond (including its islands).

This walk features a good, well trodden path as you’re climbing as well as some steps.

You might think you’ve reached the top, but beware. This might be the false summit!

However, you’ll definitely know when you’ve reach the actual summit of Conic Hill because the vista is second to none.

Don’t fancy reaching the top to check out the views? Don’t worry, you’ll start experiencing them when you reach around a third of the way up.

Public transport can get you here too. Catch a train from Glasgow to Balloch. From there, a bus will take you to Balmaha where the hill is located.

Callander Crags (343 metres high)

Around 50 minutes north of Glasgow lies Callander Crags, a 2 and a half mile walk.

The dedicated Callander Crags Car Park is where you’ll want to start.

On this walk, you’ll be taken through woodland and high above Callander to visit both the Jubilee Cairn and Callander Crags.

The path is marked and easy to follow. If it’s a little wet out, mind your footing as it can be slippery. Always walk with the appropriate footwear!

On a clear day, you’ll get to see the taller hills and mountains from the summit.

If you want to extend your visit, you can combine this walk a trip to Bracklinn Falls too.

Inchcailloch Summit (85 metres high)

This one’s a little different… because it’s on it’s very own island! You’ll find it around 45 minutes North West of Glasgow.

That’s right – this walk is access by boat (or waterbus) because it sits on an island situated on Loch Lomond.

Balmaha is where you’ll start to access the island by boat. Head to Luss to jump on the waterbus.

Being part of a National Nature Reserve, spotting wildlife on this walk is a given. Not to mention the views over the loch from the summit.

The trail is waymarked making it a pretty easy hill walk.

On a nice clear day, you’ll be able to see the oh so familiar outline of Ben Lomond and various other peaks within close range of the Loch.

Gouk Hill (277 metres high)

Just to the east of Helensburgh, around 45 minutes from Glasgow and on the western edge of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park lies Gouk Hill.

Trail information for this walk can be found here.

It forms a section of the Highland Boundary Fault Line and reaches a height of 277 metres.

Following the route to the top, you’ll eventually walk through the forests above Loch Lomond which leads to a steep slope.

After this, you’ll shortly reach the summit where you can take in the views over Loch Lomond and Ben Lomond. Look the other way and you’ll see Campsie Fells and Balloch Country Park.

Now Go An Experience These Easy Hill Walks Near Glasgow!

That’s all there is too it. It’s your turn to head out and make your own adventure on these unmissable hill walks.

If you do take on any of the ones we’ve mentioned above, let us know in the comments below!

Equally, if you think there’s something we need to include just let us know.