Can You Wild Camp In Wales? Answered

Wild camping is great – we absolutely love it! But we’re not carrying a camping rucksack and a tent around so I’m not sure we can class it as wild camping (our camper van is called Dub Khalifa – check it out and you’ll see why).

But less of that, let’s tell you exactly what you want to know – can you wild camp in wales?

Cand You Wild Camp In Wales

Are You Allowed To Wild Camp In Wales?

You cannot wild camp in Wales without first getting permission from the land owner.

In order to legally wild camp in Wales, you’ll need to find out who owns the land and then seek their permission before you pitch a tent.

So, it’s definitely possible and we recommend it – Wales has some of the most gorgeous walks and places of natural beauty, it’s not to be missed!

How To Find Out Who Owns The Land

So you’ve found the perfect spot for the night. Anywhere else, you might be able to just chuck your tent down and rest your head. But, you’re in Wales and you know that you need the land owners permission.

At the time of writing this, 85% of the land covering England and Wales is registered. That means there’s an extremely high chance that the spot you’ve chosen belongs to someone.

Thankfully, it’s a lot easier now than it used to be. Land in England and Wales must now be registered and the records must be accessible online.

Wild Camp In Wales With Permission

Search The Register Using Addland

You can use sites like Addland to search the registers. You simply need the location, what3words address, postcode or title number. You can use any of these to search the registers and find out who the land belongs to.

Of course, this information isn’t free to view. You’ll need a pro subscription in order to get the most out of Addlands research tool.

Use HM Land Registry To Find Out

Another useful (but not free) website is HM Land Registry.

If you’re desperate to get that tent pitched and rest in the wilderness of Wales, you’ll need to fork out £3 in order to get the information you need from the register.

If you use either of these services and find that the land belongs to someone, you’ll then need to seek them out and ask their permission before you proceed.

Unfortunately, if you don’t manage to get their permission you’ll be unable to stay the night.

What If You Can’t Get Hold Of The Owner?

If you’ve managed to get all the details you need but have not been able to seek the permission of the owner, you won’t be legally allowed to stay there.

And we wouldn’t risk just doing so anyway – this can land you in a lot of trouble if you’re caught.

What If The Land Isn’t Registered?

So you’ve stumbled onto land and it seems as though it’s not registered – safe to pitch up and call it a night? Not quite (top class rhyming ability on display there).

Even though it’s not registered, this doesn’t meant it’s not actually owned. A comprehensive land registry is the hope of HM Land Registry by the yar 2030 even though it only stands at 85% currently.

You Can Wild Camp In Wales With The Land Owners Permission

Wild Camp In Wales If You’re Allowed

We’ve told you that you can wild camp in Wales as long as you have the land owners permission. Please don’t just chuck a tent anywhere and try and get away with it.

However, if you can’t be bothered to do the legwork before you go you can still enjoy a peaceful night by choosing a campsite to stay on (we can’t promise dry weather though, come on – it is Wales after all!).

There’s plenty of campsites to choose from. Some are full of amenities so it can almost feel like home.

But seeing as you’re here trying to find out about the legality of wild camping, you’ll probably want to find a more basic site – simply a field, long grass, hedgerows and dark skies.

Trust us – you can get super close to the real thing on a basic campsite. Camping is wonderful no matter what!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope you’ll check out some more of our articles, especially if you love an outdoor adventure in the UK.